As a teacher, you may be wondering how to keep your students engaged this coming school year. Maybe it's be becoming harder and harder to rise to the challenges of technology and reaching your students. With the STEAM and the goal to Create, Educate and Share Minecraft can help you do that!

Let's look at Minecraft. It's an 'in the sand box' video game that can be used in many capacities. Yes, kids can explode blocks and shoot arrows to kill the nasty creepers or skeletons trying to invade their buildings, but the blocks can help children learn about the geography of the area they live in (especially if they are given the opportunity to utilize data from their own area).  You can use it for social sciences and having children recreate structures or create their own idea of what it would look like using modern (digital) materials. 

We all know the best way for children to show us their understanding of concepts is to display them... Minecraft can do that!

At Geospatial Niagara we have developed the fundamentals to help teachers get Creative and "STEAM" ahead using Minecraft. We understand the challenges that teachers face and so that is why we decided to share our project with the world. 

What if you could have your students build their idea of what the school should look like? What if there is a major project that is being conducted in your city or town and they are looking for idea of how to create a park or other building? Minecraft can be used to connect the concepts of STEAM with your classroom and collaborate on a larger scale. 

Here is what we offer: 

A Minecraft map of your area. Each area will depend on what you the teacher, or your school board would like, but mostly what is available for us to use from open data! This means you can have roads, buildings, geology... And there are so many ways it can be used in the classroom! 

Please contact us for more information!

Minecraft & Education