For creating the geology of the world with a clear surface so the changes in geology can be seen, the expressions were altered in the PointCloudExpressionEvaluator (seen left).

The blockID Expression 95 is glass and the blockData Expression 0 means clear. 

Data was created in a .txt file, which was then called from the Joiner of the FME 2016.1 64-bit workbench.  The field separation specifically calls to the .txt file format (tab, comma etc.). 

The csv file preview the populates with the name you have given it and blockID and blockData identifying numbers that are associated with Minecraft. 

In the example below left and right, the blockID are for some of the stone materials that are available in Minecraft; which were used in the Niagara region Minecraft project. 

The results can be seen here in the

Niagara region Minecraft block types