The above image was taken in the municipality of Grimsby! Imagine, being able to dig down to the bedrock layer and stand there looking at the geology around you! Its like being in a capsule with windows!

The image above is of the Niagara-on-the-lake Municipality. This image not only shows the bedrock elevations below, but that there is shale, sand and fill present!

This years project was to take the progress and recommendations from last year and bring it to the next level! The top priorities included development of code that makes the computers run Minecraft without all the lag of data and to incorporate the geology of the area.

And we were able to do just that! Using Safe Software and the support of Dmitri Bagh, G & R Geospatial Management incorporated the geology of the Niagara Region! But we did not *just* include the geology. We went a step further and made 2 types of layers. 

The first layer is different coloured glass geology. This allows the player to see beneath the surface to the bedrock layer. The second layer we made was changed all the glass blocks to stone or sand material and made the surface a clear glass block! This means the players can be on top of the Niagara Region and see what the ground looks like beneath!

So what does this all mean?! Check out the glass layers below to discover the geology of the Niagara Region!

Year Two!