FME, Minecraft & Scale Alterations

The raster for the surface did not go through the bufferer, but did go through the RasterPropertyExtractor. This transformer extracts the properties of the raster for later transformations.

Since the Colour Scheme is set to fixed, the Pen and Fill Colour need to be set. 

The pen colour and fill are selected as rgb (Safe Software, 2016).

Each file is set through the Sorter, ImageRasterizer, RasterResampler and ends with a PointCloudCombiner and output to Minecraft!

The data that was used for the FME readers were ArcGIS shapefiles. These files contained all the attributes that were necessary for the transformation that would occur in FME.  Each shapefile was placed through a bufferer to create space around it (necessary for the large highways such as the Q.E.W.).