FME, Minecraft & Geological Incorportation

Three separate 3DForcer Parameters where utilized .  This transformer sets the elevation for each input. 

A 3DForcer parameter was used for z, blockID, and blockData elevations.

Next, each was put through the NumericRasterizer and RasterBandSetter for naming purposes. The rasters were combined, orderered correctly ('z' is always read first regardless) then sent through the PointCloudCombiner.

The whole Niagara region populated with 35 billion elevation points!

Incorporating the geology of the Niagara region was essential to Year Two progress. Through the use of FME and ArcGIS shapefiles it was successfully completed! FME's powerful transformers took the shapefiles and created elevation between rasters, joined  a .txt file which contained the attribute data for what types of block materials to utilize and then offset each so that the .txt file would fill the space in between. 

Example of the Niagara Falls, Ontario Point Cloud created using FME.